Tips for Decorating with Stretched Canvas Prints and Where to Buy Australian Ocean, Surf, Wave, and Beach Photography

When you want to create a polished look in your home or office, you don’t need to hire an interior designer to do it. Decorating your space personally can save you money and give you more creative control over your colours, themes, and motifs. When you find yourself staring at blank walls overwhelmed with the options for decorating them, consider canvas prints. Canvas prints are attractive, sleek, and modern, and it’s easy to use them to introduce vibrant colours and extra intrigue to any room.

Choose themes that suit your tastes

Canvas prints are more popular than ever, and there are endless subjects to choose from including abstracts and nature prints. The right print will look unique and sophisticated and make the space feel like it’s your own. For example, if you love the beachy look, you can find Australian ocean photography printed on canvas that looks great in any interior and will match your coastal décor perfectly.

Select your colours based on existing décor

You don’t necessarily have to match the colours in your furniture and walls to your prints; sometimes, canvas prints are the ideal way to add a new, fresh look to what you already have. Do choose shades that complement each other, however. Varying shades are beautiful. There are many different hues of canvas prints. For example, even within the category of Australian beach photography, there are prints available in a wide range of colours and moods, so you can always find the perfect print for your space.

Consider the function of the room

The images and colours you choose for a home office, for example, will usually be completely different than what you would select for an infant’s nursery. Colours have different properties and different psychological effects. Yellows and blues are calming; reds are more invigorating. Nature photography such as Australian surf photography is especially popular because it comes in such a wide range of colours and styles, from the realistic to the abstract.

Position your prints so that they complete the look of the room well

How you should place your canvas prints will depend on a few factors such as the size of the room and the effect you wish to achieve. You might choose to hang your art in small groups or hang a single large piece to create continuity between what is above and below eye level. Hanging artwork in the right place can bring a sense of wholeness into the room. You might even consider letting tall or large pieces sit on the floor, which is interesting and can make the room seem bigger.

Where to Buy Gorgeous Australian Wave Photography

Would you like to find some stunning canvas prints of your own to decorate your home, office or other space? Jason James Gallery offers beautiful wave, beach, surf, and ocean photography mounted on canvas or acrylic to look marvellous in any interior. Let Jason James Gallery help you make your space your own with unique, high-quality nature photography you’ll love.



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