Why Choose Acrylic Face Mounting for Your Beach, Ocean, or Surf Prints in Australia

When you’re in the market for photographs to decorate your home or office, you’ve probably noticed there are several options, including framed, canvas printed, and acrylic face mounted photography. Acrylic face mounting, or printing photos on acrylic glass, is a beautiful, unique way to display striking photographs. Here are some of the distinct advantages of this method of mounting photos.


Glass provides both UV protection and moisture protection, meaning that acrylic mounts are suitable for hanging anywhere, including kitchens, bathrooms, and even outdoor living spaces. Acrylic is shatter-resistant and lighter than traditional glass, and provided you handle it carefully and keep it clean (and away from little hands and paws), you won’t have any issues with scratching or smudges.


Canvas prints look fantastic, but acrylic face mounts provide a different look that some people prefer. Glass offers a shiny, sleek, modern look that’s a perfect partner for modern décor. Your photograph will be sharp and vivid, whether you choose a collection of small images or one large, bold piece. You’ll notice that the blacks in the picture are more pronounced and that the reflective properties of the glass give the photo an almost three-dimensional look with enhanced colour vibrancy.


If you want your artwork to stand out as unique, glass mounting is the way to go. Many people haven’t even heard of acrylic face mounting, and your print on glass will make an excellent conversation piece. These prints compliment any room, and it’s no wonder that this technique is growing in popularity so quickly.

Buy Acrylic Face Mounted Ocean Prints at in Australia Jason James Gallery

Acrylic face mounts make outstanding investments you’ll be happy about for years to come. At Jason James Gallery, we understand the importance of finding that perfect piece of art for your home – a piece that brings that “Wow!” factor to your décor and truly stands out. If you’re decorating an office, glass prints provide a sharp, professional look. No matter where you hang your acrylic face mount, the look will be smooth and modern, perfect for today’s contemporary living spaces.

The acrylic mounted pictures at Jason James Gallery are enhanced by the super glossy finish and clean lines that create a significant visual impact. These prints are easy to clean and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice not just for your home or office, but also public spaces such as hotels, bars, and restaurants. We offer a variety of beach and surf prints in Australia full of stunning detail and new perspectives. Make an appointment to shop our Manly gallery or simply choose a piece from our online collection. We also offer our ocean and beach prints in Australia on stretched canvas, another great look.

Bring the beauty of the ocean into your home with incredible surf photography by Jason James. We use only the best cameras and equipment with the highest resolution so that we can provide you with the best quality and top visual experience. Choose a unique, vibrant, frameless photograph today to enhance your home or office décor, and love it for decades.



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