Purple Rain is an image I captured in early 2013. I had been experimenting with macro photography for about a month and purchasing the best quality flowers from Florists in the local area. I am by my own admission a perfectionist and would often agonise over the smallest flaw in very expensive flowers, cursing the florist for charging me top price for a bruised Tulip or Rose petal. Ironically on my way home from the Florist one afternoon I saw these beautiful little "spiders". I called them spiders because they evoked a memory from my childhood of a dead Huntsman spider on my bedroom floor. Recoiling from the wrath of my Mother's Mortein fuelled rage it curled up into a ball, it's legs up in the air, stiff, lifeless.. These little purple flowers were sprouting from a massive tree inside the local schoolyard. A branch was hanging over the fence and the flowers were all over the ground. I grabbed about a dozen little purple spiders and ever so gently transported them home to my lightbox. I must have taken 100 shots of my little Hunstman but I had the winner straight away. I had taken the shot with the spider's legs in the air but when I inverted the photo the dead spider came to life. It was "Purple Rain" jj

Purple Rain

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