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The common phrase goes “A picture is worth a thousand words,” offering us a small homage to the fleeting moments that cameras can capture. Moments of beauty, joy and happiness that were once just flickers of life are easily caught and preserved. The boon of the smartphone and the camera that accompanies it certainly have expanded our capability to capture these photos, but they do not retain the same permanence a professionally produced effect that a photographer can with proper materials.

If you’re looking to preserve the natural beauty of a transient sunset on the horizon of the water, look no further than Jason James Gallery to go above and beyond the job for you. I’ve been operating for over four years in the industry, accumulating various Photographer of the Year awards. I’m an expert in capturing the beauty of Manly as a photographer, and I’d love to share that experience with you.

I come from 20 years of work as a cameraman for countless events ranging from the sideline of a Royal Wedding to the harsh realities of the Gulf War. These experiences have honed my photography over time, which I can now share with you.

Looking for a photographer in Manly for livening up your living space?

Manly Beach offers some spectacular moments for awe-inspiring photography. You can view some samples of my work in the Galleries section of my website in addition to an assortment of other frozen moments of time in the water that I’ve curated over time. I’ve developed techniques to capture unique perspectives on the waves with slow shutter speed images. I’m not afraid to get into the water myself to capture the perfect moment for you.

Photography of Manly Beach is something anyone can do, but not just anyone can offer you the same tier of quality as my photo prints. My prints are done on high-quality metallic paper that helps enhance an image’s colour and detailing. I make sure that your purchases can last a lifetime thanks to the structural integrity offered by my acrylic prints. Although the beauty of the sea is constantly changing, I’ll make sure that its wonder stays with you.

I firmly believe that no other photographer of Manly Beach can offer the same diverse amount of options that I can. My prints are available in many different sizes and canvases, adaptable to your needs. This ensures that any combination of material and photo will look fantastic hanging in your living room or overlooking clients in your office. If you’re looking to liven up a featureless wall in your home, what better than a natural survey of the beach!

The beauty of Manly Beach demands beautiful photography

I house my work in the form of a gallery in my home, so you can come to look at my craft for yourself to make the judgment. All you need to do is make an appointment! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have, but I believe my photography of Manly Beach speaks best for me. The beauty of nature is all around us; I hope you’ll let me show you what it has to offer.


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