Should You Print Manly Wall Art on a Stretched Canvas or Acrylic Mounts?

Everybody likes to personalise their home with pieces of art, stylish furniture, and modern gadgets, but it can be difficult to achieve a unique look when so many household items are mass produced. You’ve probably seen the same picture in many of your friend’s living rooms, and though mass produced pictures can look attractive, you might prefer to create an original style for your home. Fortunately, there are many skilled photographers in Manly with stunning collections of high-quality images that will make your home look both beautiful and unique.

There’s no better way to spruce up your living room than by decorating your walls with Manly canvas art, and seeing as you live in this beautiful beach region, you ought to consider bringing the ocean indoors with stunning pictures of the surf crashing against the shore. The most experienced photographers know how to capture natural sunlight glistening through the waves, and if you choose a picture that suits your home perfectly, you’ll love looking at it daily when you need to blow off steam.

At Jason James Gallery, we provide wall art in Manly that never fails to impress. Jason James has worked in media for over 20 years and knows how to capture images that show Manly Beach in its best light. He’s not afraid to get up and personal with the surf and waves on a beautiful summer morning, and his love for nature and the world we live in shines through in every picture he takes. However, after you’ve chosen an inspirational picture, you need to decide how to display it.

How to Display Manly Art Prints

There are many ways to mount photos on your wall, but choosing the right printing material can be difficult for the inexperienced. Two of the most popular printing materials are canvas and acrylic, and we discuss the differences between them below.

Appearance – If you’re aiming for a contemporary look, you’ll likely love pictures printed on acrylic. Acrylic-printed images look sleek, sharp, and vibrant, which is why acrylic is growing in popularity worldwide. However, Manly canvas art looks textured and more traditional, which is why it remains a popular choice for home decoration purposes.

Durability – Both our canvases and acrylics require very little maintenance. We laminate our canvases using a heat seal method to ensure they won’t sustain damage, and a thick backing makes acrylics even more durable.

Colour vibrancy – We use the latest printing techniques to ensure colour vibrancy across all printed images, though some people say acrylic allows for more detail because light can’t pass through the material and cause colours to fade. However, our laminated canvas images are UV resistant to ensure the sun’s rays won’t result in colour degradation.

Ask Our Professionals

If you still can’t decide which type of material to choose to display your Manly wall art, you can always ask us for professional advice. Alternatively, you can see both materials in person by arranging a viewing at Jason’s home gallery where he’d be glad to show you his art and capabilities.


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