Photographer of the Northern Beaches Captures the Wonder of Water

Water has a mysterious beauty about it that has captivated humanity for generations. Water has inspired artists to paint, scientists to research and photographers to shoot. I subscribe to the latter of these groups. The seascape brings me back every day to try to capture the effervescent wonder of the water properly. Every day I succeed in capturing in a little more, but a deep part of me feels that no human can capture the entirety of the beauty that the water provides for humanity. Despite this seeming quandary, I’ve made it my mission to show it to others.

My name is Jason James, and I specialise as a photographer of the northern beaches such as Manly Beach. I have over 25 years of experiences as a cameraman for a cornucopia of events, ranging from the red carpet to the Olympics. Nature has always captivated me, and I feel that others should be able to experience the same awe that has kept my camera shooting for the past four years of operation. My experiences have won me multiple Photographer of the Year Awards and have honed my senses as a northern beaches photographer.

Nowadays, ubiquitous cameras make photography of these northern beaches commonplace, but I believe that has led to a decrease in both photo and print quality. Here at Jason James' Gallery, I can offer you high-quality prints that adequately capture the dynamic nature of the ocean for display in your home or office.

The northern beaches are a source of inspiration for my photography.

My photography has always been fuelled by the belief that only the highest calibre materials can properly manage the beauty of the sea. While any moment is fleeting, my photography of the northern beaches uses premium acrylic materials to ensure that any moment you put in your home remains enjoyable forever. I do my best to capture the “wow” factor in my photos with a rare-to-find incorporation of detail, clarity and vibrancy in every shot. I accomplish this “wow” factor using high-quality metallic paper that is designed to bring out the colour and shine in any shot you may want.

As a frequent photographer of the northern beaches, I’m well acquainted with the tranquillity of the water and the magic of the sunset light and know that these scenes make a perfect gift to anyone seeking a beach-inspired theme in their home. My prints come in various sizes and types of canvasses that can be adapted to anyone’s needs. If you have a blank space in your home that needs some freshening up, my photos will do the job and then some!

Not convinced? Come over and let my gallery do the convincing

If you're on the fence about ordering my prints, why not make an appointment to see them for yourself? I have my work hanging in my home, so you’re only a quick scheduling away from seeing what your home is missing out on and exploring how to have the seascape in your view!


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