Tips for Creating Coastal Style in Your Home Including Surf, Ocean, Beach, Wave Photography in Australia

The many beautiful beaches in Australia mean that we naturally tend to love the relaxed, beachy vibe. It’s easy to bring the beach into your home with some fresh coastal décor and create a special place you love living in – and you don’t have to overload on seashells and nautical symbols to do it. Using textures and patterns and the right artwork, you can achieve a look that allows you to feel like you’re at the beach every day.

Coastal Colours

A backdrop of whites and neutral tones is perfect for a beachy look. Use vanilla tones and milky whites to create a cool, calm background to make your other colours subtly pop. Muted shades of blue and green and even classic navy make great additions. Introduce colour with furniture, accessories, and artwork, letting your neutral tones be your constant theme when it comes to your ceilings, walls, and woodwork.

Beachy Furniture

Choose pieces of furniture that make you feel like you’re relaxing in a beach house – think large loungers with slipcovers in neutral tones and other pieces such as sideboards in washed greys. Aged effects fit right in with the beachy look and create a comfortable, lived-in feel. You can also add some whitewashed pieces to enhance the coastal vibe further.

Indoor Plants

Large plants blur the lines between outdoors and indoors and work extremely well with beachy décor. Think oversized plants with broad, glossy leaves for a tropical island-paradise look. The deep green colours of the plants also look fabulous with your neutrals, whites, and blues. You can also introduce colourful, tropical flowers in large pots for a vibrant, lush look.

Lots of Light

Natural light is one of the easiest ways to create the beachy look you want. Forget the heavy curtains and hang soft sheers instead. They’ll let a lot of natural light in and move lightly with the breeze when you open your windows. Plantation shutters are another great window treatment that looks beachy while still giving you excellent light control and privacy.

The Right Artwork – Ocean Photography in Australia by Jason James Gallery

Beach photography by Australia photographer Jason James is perfectly suited to bring a coastal feel to any interior. Choose from high-quality surf photography in Australia mounted on canvas or glass – whichever you prefer, all the artwork is beautiful, unique, and long-lasting. 25 years in the industry have given Jason James the experience needed to create stunning and award-winning wave photography in Australia with impeccable attention to detail and a true “Wow!” factor. Bring the beauty of the ocean into your home with a canvas print or acrylic face mount of the surf or beach. See a crashing wave from a new perspective in incredible detail right on your wall. You’ll love the amazing quality of every piece from Jason James Gallery.



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